The Story so far ...

In the summer of 1999 a survey was sent out to the tenants of two of the biggest housing estates in Peachaven, Collingwood and Trafalgar Close. The Survey asked tenants what they thought would most benefit the local children..

The response was overwhelming most tenants asked something for children of all ages that would keep children busy after school. The Local housing officer thought that this was a very good idea and formed a small steering committee of local tenants.

After a few ideas had been thrown around a project leader suggested that we approached a local school to house this club and Meridian Community Primary school was contacted. Meridian were delighted to house the club giving full use of their facilities. This was a fantastic opportunity and the parent committee were very pleased with the offer of help. 

At the next meeting an idea was put forward by the project leader that a National Lottery Grant would be very useful for covering the costs of  setting up the club and buying toys and equipment. In that very meeting someone suggested that the one day a week children's club could become a full Breakfast and After school Club and could be registered with Ofsted, after a few sharp intakes of breath heads started to nod and ideas were thrown around and from this very meeting of the Collingwood And Trafalgar residents group meeting C.A.T.S club was Born.

The Lottery Grant was applied for and successful.
On September 9th 2001 C.A.T.S CLUB  opened its doors fully Ofsted registered for 25 children aged 4 -14 years and employing 3 local people for the very first time.

And so the Story continues ..
In 2011 C.A.T.S club continues to grow and is now registered to take 40 children aged 3 -14 years 48 weeks a year and now employs 10 people

In 2016 C.A.T.S club were approached by the Head Teacher of Maynards Green Primary School  in Horam near Heathfield to open a Breakfast Club and afterschool we were very pleased to help and C.A.T.S CLUB site number two open in September 2016, offering wrap-a-round care for 16 children  

In 2017 we moved into our very own building based at Peacehaven Football Club and a new chapter has started ....we are still writing this chapter but please do come along and join in the story ...