C.A.T.S CLUB is a fully inclusive club

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How does C.A.T.S CLUB  know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child has special educational needs?


When you child starts with us at C.A.T.S CLUB they will be allocated a Keyworker. The Keyworker is responsible for ‘getting to know your child’, they will observe plan and assess your child and identify what their special interests are. We understand that it takes children a little time to settle into somewhere new so we will work very closely with you and other agencies that may be involved with your child’s care so we can offer the best possible out-comes and play opportunities while they are in our care. If we identify any needs your child may need a little extra help with we will discuss these with you and make a plan together of how we can help meet your child’s needs, we will also share any findings with your child’s primary carer.

How will C.A.T.S CLUB  support my child with special educational needs?


You child’s keyworker along with the settings SENCO will make a tailored plan for your child and will closely monitor their progress, this will be reviewed on a termly basis. Your child’s keyworker will liaise with any specialist that are involved in your child’s care to make sure we are fully supporting a plan that they may already be on. We welcome parents feedback and input so will ask you to for your help.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?


As we are likely not to be your child’s primary carer it is very likely your child will already have a support plan in place which we of course will follow and enhance while they are with us. However, before your child starts at our setting we will have already spoken to you about what extra support your child may need while they are with us. We will make the decision about the level or support your child will need with you based on what your child already receives for example if your child needs an Individual Needs Assistant (INA) in school it is likely that they will also need one afterschool with us. In this case will we seek any extra funding that may be available to us, and would gain advice from the Early Years Team as appropriate. https://new.eastsussex.gov.uk/childrenandfamilies/specialneeds/send-education/sen/funding/early-years/

How will C.A.T.S CLUB  review my child’s progress and how shall they share it with me?


At C.A.T.S CLUB we make sure that we speak to parents each day and let them know what sort of day their child has had. Your child’s Key worker will speak to you on a daily basis and let you know about their day. We also operate a Learning Journey book which we record any observation and achievements your child has made. We will regularly send this home with your child for you to see and make your own comments in. We will review your child’s progress termly and your child’s personal planning of activities and the whole settings planning will include any next steps for your child that have been identified.  

What support will there be for my child’s overall well being?

C.A.T.S CLUB have a strong commitment to keeping children safe and helping them understanding the importance of staying healthy. We have a strong policy and procedure on giving any medication that your child mild need while they are with us. Vicky Phillips (Manager) hold’s a Medication Awareness certificate and all staff hold first-aid certificates.

We have a strong and robust Behaviour policy with is followed by all staff. Parents are made aware of our behaviour policy within the parents pack given out when a new children starts at the setting. We will speak privately to parents at the end of each session should the need occur. We strive to work closely with parents and children to avoid exclusions for the setting due to bad behaviour, we will work closely with the child to take into account their needs and try to solve any issues or concerns.

What training do the staff have in supporting children with special educational needs or disabilities?

The staff at C.A.T.S CLUB are well trained in all aspects of special needs and disabilities needs. Staff take the time to understand the child’s needs and work very closely with parents and carers to fulfil the child’s needs. Wherever possible staff will made adaptations to the setting and undergo additional training as necessary.

What specialist services and support are available to C.A.T.S CLUB ?

We will work closely with any out side agency your child is already accessing or you as a family are accessing. We also have specialist services that we can access thorough the local Early Years support team.


How will my child/young person be included in activities outside C.A.T.S CLUB, including trips?

At C.A.T.S CLUB we make sure that all our activities are accessible to all. We will adapt any activity so that all children have the same opportunities. When planning trips we always risk assess before the visit. This would include your child’s keyworker coming along to do a pre visit and advise of suitability. Wherever possible we will adapt and make the necessary arrangements for all children to take part this could include a child needing a 2-1 ratio for an outside visit. We will involve parents in all our trips and visits and you are of course welcome to come along.

How accessible is C.A.T.S CLUB ?

C.A.T.S CLUB is situated on flat ground there is a carpark with plenty of disabled parking access. The building itself has widened doorways and the layout of the room is easily changed to accommodate any mobility needs.

There is an accessible toilet facility suitable for changing in.

We adhere to the Equality Act 2010. We also have access to the translation service for those parents and children whose first language is not English